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Aquatic Animals


Empyreal products are manufactured on purpose. They’re not by-products. We specifically design them to benefit everyone in the aquaculture value chain from the feed mill, to farmers, to the animals themselves. Because of their deliberate design, they provide nutritional and functional consistency in every shipment. Most importantly, our products are created to promote growth and health in animals, which results in higher profits. That means both your animals and your business gain more.


The presence of environmental contamination caused by the application of chemical compounds and pharmaceuticals used to improve commercial performance, animal husbandry, and food processing is an important issue in animal production all over the world. Environmentally friendly products such as Citrex Liquid and Citrex Powder is the response of Citrex Inc. to those concerns. The use of products that can enhance production and animal well being without damaging the natural habitats shared by these animals and the human population is one of the main objectives of our company.

special nutrients

Special Nutrients, Inc., produces and markets additives for animal feeding and organic agriculture. Their leading product, Myco-Ad is the only mycotoxin adsorbent in the market with it's unique characteristics.

aquatic animals
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