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Special Nutrients, Inc. Products
myco Mycoad

MYCO-AD is an activated, broad spectrum, hydrated, sodium/calcium aluminosilicate (HSCAS), specially formulated to adsorb and retain all major mycotoxins affecting poultry health and productivity.

myco Mycoad Az

MYCO-AD A-Z is the new generation of mycotoxin binders that involves a special process, in which the clay is purified by extracting all the non-clay fractions that interfere with the adsorption of mycotoxins. This creates more points where the electrical charges of clay can coincide with the electrical charges of mycotoxins, increasing the NET adsorption of bipolar mycotoxins, and difficult to capture toxins, such as zearalenone.

special nutrients Citrex

CITREX ™ is an product with fungicidal, viricidal and bactericidal properties. Its main active ingredient is physically-activated Vitamin C, combined with citric acid, lactic acid, glycerol, sodium chloride and ammonium propionate.

For the prevention and treatment of infections caused by S. enteritidis, S. typhimurium, S. pullorum, S. gallinarum, and other pathogenic species of Salmonella.

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